Dipper-C Multi-function Portable Binocular

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Dipper-C integrates with uncooled thermal camera, visible camera, GPS, Digital compass, WiFi, eye-safe laser range finder. Can be used for target searching, locates the targets position, and take photo and video. Very popular for Border Security, Law Enforcement, Patrol…

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● Long range thermal camera 640*512, 70mm optical

● High performance CMOS visible camera 1920*1080

● Long range laser range finder 6km

● Removable 18650 x 6pcs Battery. Super long working time >10 hours.

● Military standard design, IP67 water proof for camera and all accessories

Technical Specification



Thermal Camera
IR Detector VOx, 12μm
Optical 70mm, F# 1.0
FOV 6° x 4.5°
Detection distance >4.5km (NATO Target)
Visible Camera
Sensor 1920x1080 (2.7μm) CMOS
FOV 3.1° x 2.2°
Detection distance >6km (NATO Target)
Laser Range Finder
Range 6km Maximum
Other Feature
Interface GPS, BD, Digital Compass, WiFi, Build in Memory(64GB) PAL, USB, RS232
Power Supply Battery : 18650 x 6pcsContinuous working hours : ≥ 10h
Display 1280×1024 OLED
Dimension ≤ 230×175×100mm
Weight (Without battery) <1.7kg
Working Temperature -40°C ~ 60°C
Protection Level IP67


Dipper-C, A Powerful Tool for Enhanced Vision

The Multi Function Thermal Binocular is the ultimate solution for individuals seeking enhanced vision capabilities in multiple environments. This cutting-edge device combines the features of a thermal camera, a visible camera, and a 6km laser range finder, providing users with unmatched versatility and functionality.

With ergonomic design and robust construction, the Multi Function Thermal Binocular is built to withstand demanding environments. Its lightweight yet durable build makes it perfect for prolonged use without causing fatigue. Moreover, the device has a long-lasting battery life, ensuring extended operation without the need for frequent recharging.

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