• Exploring the World After Dark with the NV-04 Night Vision Monocular & Goggle

    Introduction: Welcome to the world of night vision technology, where WTDS Optics, a leading company in the infrared thermal imaging optical technology industry, introduces their remarkable NV-04 Night Vision Monocular & Goggle. As night falls, a whole new realm of possibilities opens up for a...
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  • Enhancing Precision and Safety: The Sniper Series Thermal Scope

    Introduction: In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, technology plays a crucial role in ensuring our safety and security. One remarkable innovation that stands out is the Sniper Series Thermal Scope. This high-performance thermal scope has revolutionized the way we perceive complex ...
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  • WTDS optics released new cooled module in 40~1000mm lens

    The module is designed with advanced technology and features that make it perfect for various large-scale, long-distance application scenarios. It incorporates a high-performance MCT cooled detector that ensures superior image quality and sensitivity. With a cooling time of less than 6 minutes, t...
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